Wednesday, November 21, 2007

my new snark idol

My new snark idol is Tanta. (With considerable extra credit for (1) being sharp and knowledgeable and generously sharing the knowledge with the world and (2) being openly and justifiably grouchy about the general seriousness of the situation, and specifically about how many people like her were undervalued and poorly treated in the runup to this, but avoiding using that to rationalize presenting impassioned-but-shaky arguments. Number 1 is not too rare on the Internet but still not to be taken for granted; number 2 seems too rare.)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

State of Flow

I just emerged from however long it took me to write about four pages of reasonably-mathematical LaTeX text (about four hours, I think) to finally notice that I had been listening to the first Goldberg variation the whole time (where my intent had been the milder repeat-them-all mode). As I twitch rhythmically I wonder whether I have rediscovered technology from the brainworld in A Wrinkle in Time (M. L'Engle, RIP).